Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Teacher's Wish

As the year is coming to an end, I’m starting to have sad thoughts of all the smiling faces, I have come to know and love, The faces I have greeted, As they come into my door and my life, And thinking of the time, But not from my memory For in my memory, they stay forever. I hope in some way I have touched their lives, As they have touched mine. Thinking of this day brings tears to my eyes, Knowing that I may never see them again, And even if I did, they won’t have remembered. But I hope in some small way, Even though they won’t remember me, That a part of me will remain in them forever, Maybe a hug or tender touch, Or maybe just a quiet look that says “I care’… I hope somewhere in their memory, They will remember that someone loves them, In her own special ways. I wish for them a happy and wonderful life, Full of only good and beautiful things, And I hope that some small part of me, Might have had something to do with it… Goodbye, and good luck, dear friends... May Allah bless your journey ahead.


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